What turns Etsy shoppers away?

What turns Etsy shoppers away?

What turns Etsy shoppers away?

About artist/seller

  • No information filled about who you are (about section)
  • No profile picture
  • Not mentioning where you are from

What to do?

  • Make sure to have an image, if it’s your (human) image, it’s great. If you are not comfortable with that, your brand image (logo) is also acceptable. But not having a profile image is a huge turn off for a lot of buyers
  • Talk a little about yourself, your family, your aspirations and your inspiration. Let the buyer see you as a human/artist that you are
  • Don’t forget to mention which part of the world you are at

Shop Policies

  • Little or no shop policies at all
  • Not responsible once item is shipped
  • No returns
  • Not responsible for lost or damaged packages

What to do?

  • Find other sellers who are doing really good in your category (will be writing another post for this soon) and see their policies (do not copy them), read and understand them
  • When you write your policies, you want to invoke emotions like safety, security, transparency, honestly in people reading them
  • Take time to come up with your shop policies, it’s totally worth it

Listing Images

  • Images with bad lighting
  • Images with too much happening in the background
  • Images with dark background

What to do?

  • Use a light box, if you can
  • See how other sellers who sell products like yours use light in their photos
  • Try light/white background for your photos
  • Try to keep your background as clean as possible


  • Only one image in listing
  • Little or no description
  • Confusing or vague descriptions
  • No measurements (think about units to use, in US its pounds for weight and in UK its grams for weight)
  • No estimated shipping time
  • Listing in capital letters (buyers feel you are yelling at them, and no one likes to be yelled at)
  • Mis-spelled words
  • No punctuation
  • Misleading titles
  • No story behind a product (especially handmade)

What to do?

  • Have multiple images in each of your listing
  • Take photos from different angles
  • Take photos with another object for size reference (its explained here)
  • Put estimated shipping time, is it ready to ship, or will you have to make it before you ship
  • Always have clear and correct measurements
  • Do not use all caps, it doesn’t work
  • Keep your titles clean and clear (do not mislead your audience)
  • If you have story behind a product, take time to write it down, people connect to stories
  • Spell check is your friend

Copyright infringement

  • A lot of buyers are ticked off by this
  • I am sure you can find shops who do this and sell a lot, I would say you don’t want to be in a situation where you are centre of potential law suits

What to do?

  • Don’t infringe copyrights


  • If buyer have to ask a lot of questions before they can buy
  • Lack of communication, or delayed response to a question
  • Unprofessional/defensive/rude replies to low reviews
  • Unprofessional/defensive statements in the shop announcement and/or listings
    No direct checkout

What to do?

  • If you are getting a lot of queries/questions about a product, may be its time to add that info in description
    Respond to a conversation as soon as possible, that shows your professionalism
  • If you get a low review, as a rule of thumb, do not respond to it for at least 48 hours, so that you are not writing emotionally and without anger
  • Try to understand buyer’s perspective for leaving a bad review; offer something in exchange of editing review (not like a bribe, but something that will make them happy) A refund usually works like a charm
  • Have as many checkout options as possible

A lot of what turns Etsy buyers off is taken from Etsy forums. If you have anything to add, feel free to put it in comments.

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