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Spending too much time on social media marketing? helps Ecwid sellers save 30+ hours every month by automating social media marketing.

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Before, we were barely able to post anything to any of our social media accounts. Now, we're posting every day & we’re seeing real results. Our followers, profile visitors, and direct connections have increased over 70% within the past 2 months; which have resulted in increased sales.

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If you've tried to promote your Ecwid store on social media, you've faced these problems:

At, we are helping Ecwid store owners fix this.

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I highly recommend to any type of web entrepreneur. It saves so much time by automating social media posts across several platforms. I just wish I had discovered this site earlier!

Here's how helps you get social media marketing done faster and done better

We crafted through years of feedback from online sellers

Plan weeks ahead using the smart Day & Week Planners.

The Day and Week planners take care of scheduling your social media promotions for days or weeks at a time. This is true "set-it-and-forget" at work so you can focus your energy on being creative.

Problem: I spend too much time scheduling posts Solved!

All your products in one place. No copy-pasting or uploading.

Complete, seamless integration with your shop so your products, photos, links, even title tags are all instantly available. No more uploading product photos in your social media marketing app. And no more copy-pasting stuff.

Problem: I am tired of all the image uploads and copy-pasting Solved!

Upload all your photos, create albums and do much more.

Import photos and images from various places (Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, your computer) and manage them inside with albums.

Problem: I want to share much more than just my product photos! Solved!

Integrate all your social media accounts in one simple place.

This is your social media headquarters. You can post or schedule posts to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Wanelo and Google+ from one place.

Problem: I'm jumping between multiple open tabs Solved!

Keep your followers surprised by sharing super-interesting content.

Finding super-interesting content is now very easy. You can search and pick videos, articles, blogposts and more that boost your social engagement.

Problem: I can't find & share content that keeps my fans glued to my page? Solved!

#Hashtags? We've got them covered.

#Hashtags are great. But you can't be typing them all the time. That's why you can save up to 30 #hashtags so you can use them in your Tweets with a click.

Problem: I want to use hashtags but I can't be typing it every time Solved!

Delight your followers with quirky little GIFs.

Add a little jazz to your social marketing using GIFs. Browse over one million GIFs – many of them trending all over the globe – and share them with your followers. GIFs are notoriously good at increasing engagement.

Problem: I heard GIFs are all the rage on social media now! Solved!

You're in total control of what to share & where.

You get to decide which Facebook Page or Pinterest board you want to schedule or post to. Everything is totally customizable and under your control.

Problem: I can't change or customize much in my current scheduling app Solved!

Keep track of all your favorite blogs and bloggers in one place. Also, share easily!

Bookmarks be damned. You can keep track of all your favorite blogs right inside And we made sure you can read or share them with your followers easily.

Problem: Can't schedule posts on social media from my RSS feed reader. Solved!

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It is ideal for Pinterest as you can have it post to multiple shared boards from one easy weekly setup and this way you get the most repins with less than 30mins setup for a month.

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Import images from Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

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Love, love this app! I save tons of time by using the weekly option to set up all my postings for the week. One of my top three apps in Shopify that I could not live without!

Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself.

Richard Branson