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Frequently asked questions & more

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+ What is What can it do for me? is a social media marketing + photo management and sharing tool which is made only for online sellers like you. It can help you increase your social media reach by 100 percent. How? By making sure you are active on social media all the time, with relevant updates like your product photos, quotes, engaging content, GIF's, collages and much more. And that too from one place.

I am sure you can do all of this by yourself, but it takes a lot of time. So, we created and you can do all of this from one place. You will never have to upload another photo to any social media, never have to go out to search for engaging content, or super funny GIF's. You can do all of that from one place. Give it a try, it doesn't cost anything to try :)

+ How can it help me as on online seller?

As an online seller, you have a lot of work to do. Some of that is repetitive, and helps you with that repetitive work. You have worked really hard to get great following on your social media accounts, now lets make it easy for you to bring that social traffic to your shop.

+ What do you mean by "Schedule a Post"? Or How do I post or schedule?

You can post in multiple ways:

+ Can I schedule posts to Instagram using

Yes, along with your account you also need to use Instagram push mobile app.

+ Can I connect my Google+ to

You can't schedule for Google+ from but you can definitely post. Because of this, you don't have to connect or integrate to Google+.

+ Can I connect StumbleUpon, Wanelo, "We Heart It" and more?

These companies are great to get relevant traffic, but have no way in their system to connect to an external tool like The day they have this option, I will be the first one to jump on it :)

+ I have multiple shops, can I connect all of them to

Yes! You can connect as many stores as you want as long as the store is on a supported platform.

+ I tried signing up and got this error "Can't find your store" What should I do?

Just email me your store name (to and we will look at it right away.

+ Are there any limits on my social media posts?

Yes, we have some limitations (because of the social network's policies and avoiding spam):

Email me if you need more than this.

+ I sell on multiple platforms, how do I connect all my shops with

Simply go to Settings and click on "Add store". You will be able to add all your stores.

+ I do not want to connect my personal Facebook account!

I totally understand that, and I wouldn't want to do that either. But, the way Facebook authenticates as admin/owner of a page is via your personal Facebook account.

It's their way to make sure only humans (like you and I) can own business pages. So whenever you would want to do something on that business page, you will have to connect via your personal account.

And that is how Facebook makes sure you and only you have control over what happens to that page.

+ How to I change my connected social media account?

It's pretty simple, just go to Settings, disconnect the social media account that you want to change and then connect with right account.

+ I don't see all my Pinterest boards?

No problem at all, just go to Settings, and click on "Refresh Boards" button next to Pinterest connect button. That will take care of this.

+ How to cancel my account?

Login to and go to Settings → Profile, you will see an option to cancel your account there.

+ How to join and pay?

Signup here and enjoy your free trial. Once you're happy with, simply go to Settings and click on the Settings for the store you want to upgrade. Then, click on Upgrade. (If your free trial expires, you will automatically be asked to upgrade so that's an option to upgrade too.

+ How do I update my payment method?

Just send an email to and we will help you with changing payment method.

+ Can I post from a section or category of a shop?

No. Unfortunately, that's not possible.

+ Can I delete a sold item from scheduled posts?

Yes, you can easily delete a sold item from your scheduled posts. Go to Scheduled posts in and search for your product's title in the top bar. Then click on select all and click Delete

+ What time zone are my posts being scheduled? automatically recognizes the timezone you are posting from (based on your system timezone). If you want to change it, you can do that in store settings. Here's how.

+ Is there a difference between features of free trial and paid account?

No difference at all. During your free trial you get to use and all its features.

+ What are RSS feeds? And how can I use it?

RSS is a technology that people use to keep track of their favorite websites. Earlier we used to keep track of updates on a website by bookmarking in our browser. And then visiting them every once in a while. That way we missed out on a lot of updates from our favourite websites.

But no more, now we have a new standard called "RSS" (it's a worldwide standard) and you can keep track of your favourite websites by adding their RSS feeds into (you have to add it just one time) and we will automatically get all the new updates from them. And when you come back to, you will see all new updates from your favorite websites, you can read them and share them with your followers.

+ How do I post on my Google plus page and not personal account on G+?

It is a slightly tedious process but worth it.

First of all, you will have to create a username and password for your G+ page, you can do that in settings of your G+ page. Then make sure you login to your G+ page, and then when you click on G+ share inside, it will share it on your G+ page and not on personal page..

+ What is difference between link post and image post in Facebook?

Image posts are sent as an image and no link or text, you can add both of you want. The description seen below them is one that you enter yourself. And if someone clicks on it, it opens a big image inside Facebook.

But, in case of link posts, description is fetched by Facebook itself and so is the image. Here when someone clicks on the post, it goes to the link which is outside of Facebook.

+ Can I remove/disconnect the accounts that I connected with from

Yes, you can remove/disconnect any and all accounts that you connected with Just go to Settings and you will see all options to disconnect.

+ Who uses

Online sellers just like you, from Etsy, Shopify, Storenvy, BigCartel, Ecwid, Lightspeed, Magento, and many more.

People from 25+ different countries in 9 different langualges use :)

+ I have a blog, can I post and schedule my blog posts from

Yes, just grab your blog's RSS feed and save it once in's RSS feed section. After that it's a breeze. If you have any issue with this, just email me :)

+ Why can't I schedule for today on Day Planner?

Scheduling posts for today is not possible in the Day Planner. We encourage you to always plan in advance and in case you want to schedule for today, just go to My Products and schedule a few.

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