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Automate Social Media Marketing To Promote Your Etsy Shop helps Etsy sellers boost social traffic and sales while saving hours in social media

Video - How Etsy App helps you to promote your Etsy shop on social media

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Debbie, Etsy Shop: Grepic is the most user-friendly social media scheduling tool out there, and I've tried many. The automatic scheduling of my Etsy listings has saved me a LOT of time and has noticeably grown my outreach. It allows me to simply set it and forget it. I recommend it to all my clients and wouldn't be able to run my shop without it.

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How helps you to promote your Etsy shop listings on Social Media

We crafted through years of feedback from Etsy sellers

Plan weeks ahead using the smart Day & Week Planners.

The Day and Week planners take care of scheduling your social media promotions for days or weeks at a time. This is true "set-it-and-forget" at work so you can focus your energy on being creative.

Problem: I spend too much time scheduling posts Solved!

All your products in one place. No copy-pasting or uploading.

Complete, seamless integration with your shop so your products, photos, links, even title tags are all instantly available. No more uploading product photos in your social media marketing app. And no more copy-pasting stuff.

Problem: I am tired of all the image uploads and copy-pasting Solved!

Make awesome promo videos in minutes.

Create product videos, seasonal promo videos and more with our ready-made video templates. With videos reaching more audience on social, this makes it easy for you to increase engagement and reach.

Problem: I want to make promo videos and post them on my social channels to increase reach and engagement. Solved!

Create beautiful collages with your product photos.

Create beautiful collages and share on your favourite social media channels instantly. You can also reuse the collages and other images you upload at any time.

Problem: I want to include multiple product photos in one post to share on my social media. Solved!

Upload all your photos, create albums and do much more.

Import photos and images from various places (Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, your computer) and manage them inside with albums.

Problem: I want to share much more than just my product photos! Solved!

Save posts and reshare anything, anytime.

With the Post Library, there's no need to create the same post twice. You can create, share and even save posts that you can use many times over.

Problem: I have to create the same post again and again every time I wish to share on a different social media. Solved!

#Hashtags? We've got them covered.

#Hashtags are great. But you can't be typing them all the time. That's why you can save up to 30 #hashtags so you can use them in your Tweets with a click.

Problem: I want to use hashtags but I can't be typing it every time Solved!

Keep your followers surprised by sharing super-interesting content.

Finding super-interesting content is now very easy. You can search and pick videos, articles, blogposts and more that boost your social engagement.

Problem: I can't find & share content that keeps my fans glued to my page? Solved!

Delight your followers with quirky little GIFs.

Add a little jazz to your social marketing using GIFs. Browse over one million GIFs – many of them trending all over the globe – and share them with your followers. GIFs are notoriously good at increasing engagement.

Problem: I heard GIFs are all the rage on social media now! Solved!

Keep track of all your favorite blogs and bloggers in one place. Also, share easily!

Bookmarks be damned. You can keep track of all your favorite blogs right inside And we made sure you can read or share them with your followers easily.

Problem: Can't schedule posts on social media from my RSS feed reader. Solved!

Connect as many stores as you want.

Got more than one store? No problem. You can integrate all your stores on on all supported platforms.

Problem: I have multiple stores and need a single solution. Solved!

Integrate all your social media accounts in one simple place.

This is your social media headquarters. You can post or schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Wanelo and Google+ from one place.

Problem: I'm jumping between multiple open tabs Solved!

Measure and analyze how well your posts are doing.

When you do social media marketing, it's very important to know what's working and what's not. Analytics helps you make strong, data-backed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

Problem: I don't know how my social media promotions are performing Solved!

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Jen, Etsy Shop: Jen's Vinyl Decals

I recommend to anyone with an online store! I've gained new customers and doubled my daily traffic in less than a week using this fantastic tool! It's perfect for those of us who don't have time to spend online posting all the time! Trust me, you're missing out if you aren't using!

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  • Day Planner
  • Content Library — updated daily
  • Complete integration with multiple shops
  • Video maker
  • Collage maker
  • Integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ & Wanelo
  • GIF Library & updated daily
  • RSS Feeds
  • Ability to post anything & links, images, videos etc.
  • Schedules & History

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Scotti Cohn, Etsy Shop: JewelryByScotti

I heard about from another Etsy seller who was pleased with it, so I thought I'd do the one-week free trial and check it out. During the free trial my listing views increased dramatically and I had several sales (this was following a month-long no-sale period and infrequent sales before that). I decided to subscribe for a month and see if my views and/or sales continued to be good. So far, views are good but no additional sales. The program is easy to use, and the manager/owner of is very responsive and helpful when I have questions or problems. I recommend the free trial, and then you can decide for yourself if this method works for you.

" Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself "

Richard Branson