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Here's what our customers say about us

"For entrepreneurs like myself, featuring my jewelry on as much social media as possible is very important." - Elisa Neyra, JewelsMadeWithLove

"With, I'm able to setup everything for weeks in advance... it's fast and easy." - Sarah Hinnant, ArtBySarahHinnant

"It has greatly increased traffic to my shop." - Lili, The Happy Graphics

Debbie, Grepic is the most user-friendly social media scheduling tool out there, and I've tried many. The automatic scheduling of my Etsy listings has saved me a LOT of time and has noticeably grown my outreach. It allows me to simply set it and forget it. I recommend it to all my clients and wouldn't be able to run my shop without it.

Patrice, Lilyspad58 is by far the best posting site I have had the pleasure of using for both my shops on Etsy. Natwar and Tamal have never lost sight of the human factor. Greed is not in their matrix. I can contact them and receive real answers. No bots. Recently, I forgot to post and I was sent a friendly message reminding me. Outstanding customer service is still an absolute must for businesses. These guys top the chart for that.

Carina, KnittedBelle

Wow! This app is unbelievable! It is my FAVORITE app by far. My site visits have increased in a matter of one day. To make it even better, the customer service is exceptional. I am beyond happy!

Michael & Bridget, SlimNote

With we no longer have to worry about social media marketing. Instead, it allows us to focus on what really matters to us: creating our product and connecting with customers. So easy!

Sheryl • Sunberry Creations is a fabulous tool that I use for promoting my Etsy store items. Easy to use, easy to plan for weeks ahead and even fun to make specialty collages and postings. I believe I have been with for over six months and they have heard directly from me several times - I love the features, I love it when they add new ones and I even love it when they listen to me. I took a leap when I signed up with and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made for my store. I am able to hit all of my major SM's and schedule a variety of content including the items I want to promote from my store. I am absolutely thrilled!

Laura, Duckwells

This app works extremely well. It schedules social media posts daily on several of my social media accounts. The customer service can't be beat. Natwar and Tamal are extremely responsive and pleasant. I've used the app on Etsy and am looking forward to building my social media presence for

Lenny, Lenny Shop

Very handy application, I love it! Very easy and intuitive to use. Saves a lot of time to promote in social networking. Thanks to it I have many new fans and followers for my shop. The author is very responsive and reliable. I recommend it to anyone who wants to save more time for a creative work.

I love this app. Had it before with another store of mine, so it was a no brainer to get it again. Excellent customer service by Natwar, if ever needed.

I was wary to spend the $10 a month, but after doing the free trial, I've found it to be totally worth it. Running all the different social media postings was overwhelming. Now I spend about 15 minutes each morning organizing the day, or the next few days at once, and I don't have to think about posting any more. Intuitive, user friendly, and Natwar's presence is great. If you're as overwhelmed as I was at keeping up with the task of social media postings, do recommend this totally.

Charles, PaperElement has saved me so much time and allowed me to focus my attention on production rather than repetitive social media marketing. Its reliably there promoting my merchandise when I would either forget or be asleep. Not only has it more than paid for itself in direct sales, it has given me hours of my life back to put into the creation process, which results in more new merchandise and even more sales. To top all of this off, Natwar is always extremely quick to personally respond to any concerns or questions via e-mail, and has rapidly fixed any occasional minor issue I may have encountered. I wholly recommend to businesses and professionals looking to save time and automate much of their social media presence.

Scotti Cohn, Jewelry By Scotti

I heard about from another Etsy seller who was pleased with it, so I thought I'd do the one-week free trial and check it out. During the free trial my listing views increased dramatically and I had several sales (this was following a month-long no-sale period and infrequent sales before that). I decided to subscribe for a month and see if my views and/or sales continued to be good. So far, views are good but no additional sales. The program is easy to use, and the manager/owner of is very responsive and helpful when I have questions or problems. I recommend the free trial, and then you can decide for yourself if this method works for you.

I recommend to anyone with an online store! I've gained new customers and doubled my daily traffic in less than a week using this fantastic tool! It's perfect for those of us who don't have time to spend online posting all the time! Trust me, you're missing out if you aren't using!

Jennifer, Mystic Gemz is more than just an amazing time saver. This program can do instant and schedules posts for the most popular social media outlets. It also puts together photo collages and allows you to select one item at a time and customize the post on the social media outlet of your choice. The time I have saved with the ease of use and the agility of this program has allowed me more time to focus on my work and less on marketing. Cannot say enough wonderful benefits of this program!